custom info

Britta Rouse quilts can be made according to your preference of the following;

Size - small, medium or large

Warmth (weight) - light or warm

Style - striped, checkered, remnant, housetop, quadrant, brickwork, simple or a combination of any.

Colour & fabrics- you can request any combination of colours and fabrics but please keep in mind, availability is very limited as all fabrics are sourced secondhand.

All quilts will have a design on one side and a simple backing, unless specified.

Your selection of each variation will determine the price of the final design.
For example, a large quilt with a complex design will cost approximately $750, whereas a small quilt with a simple design will cost approximately $450.

A double sided design will add $200 to the overall cost.

All quilts are made using secondhand, locally sourced materials. I aim to source natural fibers, often using a combination of cotton, linen, wool and silks.

The secondhand nature of the fabrics means that they can contain irregularities or signs of wear, this adds to the character of the quilt but doesn’t hinder its’ quality. The final design will be based on the availability of these materials.

The quilt is insulated with bamboo/cotton wadding, and hand stitched to combine the three layers of fabrics.

Every item is one of a kind and made by Britta Rouse in her studio in Naarm / Melbourne.

Please purchase a custom order deposit via the shop to start the process or email any questions to

For clothing, not all custom orders are available, so please email to discuss your options first. 


Brickwork quilt by the Birrarung